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A Collection of Interests, Activities and Projects


Joataman is a general web site collecting many interests and hobbies (too many really...) into one space. Over the years I have dabbled in a number of areas of interest - narrowband communications, earth mode communication, telluric currents, antenna modelling and lately, amateur radio astronomy.

My technical background is the field of Electronic Engineering (mostly in Medical Electronics) and hold a Degree in Electrical Engineering, Diploma in Electronic Engineering and a Diploma in Technical Teaching. I am an Advanced Grade Amateur Radio Licensee (VK2XV/VK2ZTO) and a certified Six-Sigma Green Belt Practitioner.

I am the inventor of the "Incremental Frequency Keying" (IFK) mode as part of my narrowband experiments. The IFK technique that I first described has been implemented by other parties in the software programs JASON, DominoEX and Throb. (see 'Narrowband Comms' for more details)

My personal interest in radio centres on ham radio, narrowband modes, small antennas and antenna modelling.

My current interest is in the field of Amateur Radio Astronomy - in particular the detection of pulsars with minimal equipment.

The amount of material needed to describe such activity warranted a separate sub-domain.  To see details of the challenges and successes in amateur pulsar detection have a look at the Neutron Star Group Webpages (which I maintain).

I have been successful in detecting the Vela Pulsar since May 2017 as well as two 'glitches'.

Details of that project can be found in Pulsar Observations.


Steve Olney