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Electronic Music - Experiments

Experimental Album - Kultarr...

Results of playing with algorithmic music generation.

Kultarr - is a small collective of synthesisers, sequencers, custom and third-party software exploring quasi-random electronica.

Quasi-random is a term used here to describe a method of composition that employs random seeding processes, loosely constrained by selected rules of musicality in terms of harmony and structure.

The first album (self-titled 'KULTARR') uses custom software written by myself for some tracks and third-party algorithmic programs for other tracks as well totally manually composed and arranged tracks.

All voices (sounds) are from a low-end hardware synthesiser (Motif Rack ES).

The second album will concentrate on further exploration of quasi-random electronica and expand into other synthesiser sound banks.

The 'KULTARR' album is an assemblage of ten compositions inspired by the varied nature and many colours of the land down-under.

Tracks from the album are available for preview (30 second clips) by clicking in the track list below.


Track List