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Farm Trip with Mates...

The trip to my Uncle's farm at Manilla, NSW (circa 1970)

Good Fun with Mates

One of the best things with bikes is to muck around with mates (second of course to life partners...).

These two guys (the two Gregs) were the brother and boyfriend of a friend of my wife (do I need to draw a diagram...:-)

Boyfriend Greg (not mine you silly person - my wife's friend's boyfriend..) rode a Yamaha XS650 twin and was by far the most sensible of us three.

Brother Greg (not my brother - refer to the above) rode a Yamaha RD350. He also road raced (in a real sense - not just Club racing like me).

He was a natural road racer and once took a TZ350 (Yamaha road racer) to Bathurst having never ridden one before and finished, I think, in first place in the very first race he went in.

He could ride rings around me on the the track. Strangely on the dirt I could match and even beat him sometimes.

The first picture is of a stop-over on the way up to my Uncle's farm at Manilla, NSW.

We must have looked the part because as we walked into the pie shop everyone stepped aside and we got served quick smart...

That picture and the next was taken on one of those little plastic Kodak Instamatic cameras. It was a pretty tough device as it had fallen out of my saddle-bags at speed.

Brother Greg saw it fall, and, fearing it would be run over by a following vehicle, kicked it into the weeds on the side of the road as he rode past. Despite showing severe signs of gravel rash, it still worked.

They don't make them like that anymore....