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WaHiFer (Wanjina Mode for HF Experimentation)

A HF Version of Wanjina (a.k.a. FDK)

General Philosophy of WaHiFer:-

Looking at the characteristics of VFSKCW signals transmitted from here in VK and received in the US, I considered that a special variation of Wanjina would be suitable to allow transmission and reception of beaconing signals over that path. The signals showed considerable smearing from multi-path and unstable path lengths also causing a doppler effect on the signals.

WaHiFer (Wanjina mode for HiFer)

The WaHiFer software has been developed to the point where it has been used to decode 2mW Wanjina transmissions emanating from Sydney Australia and received in the US.

The software is still under development including tidying up dialogs, re-vamping of the Auto variant of the SmartScan algorithm and inclusion of a Wanjina beacon message WAV file generator.

The variant of Wanjina used on 22m band uses the output of the excellent spectrographic program by Alberto di Bene called Argo. There is a function in Argo which allows the saving in *.CSV format (used by spreadsheets) of the output of the FFT function. Argo is set to a 'Mode' of 3 second dots (and usually a speed of normal or slow). The logging function is set to '1 second'.

Argo is usually set to do a run during the expected time for a propagation opening (for the VK - US trip this is about 0600 - 1330 UTC) and the logging function enabled. After the logging run is completed the output file is then converted by WaHiFer to its native binary format. WaHiFer can then display or decode the file to extract the Wanjina mode signal and output the resulting message.

See a screen shot below of WaHiFer which has decoded a *.CSV file sent to me from Lyle K0LR who received my Wanjina signal in Minnesota USA (14509kms).