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AX2NMR MF Licence...

Details of my Scientific Assigned Licence for 505kHz to 515kHz.

Scientific Assigned Licences

These licences are primarily intended to allow operation on specific frequencies (hence the term 'assigned') by groups or individuals for such purposes as feasibility studies, basic research and product testing. They are only intended as temporary licences and there can be some difficulty in obtaining the initial approval and subsequent renewal of the licence to continue investigations.

My AX2NMR 500kHz Licence

My application for a Scientific Assigned Licence was approved on the 14th October, 2010, for a period of 12 months. Upon a re-submission, it has been renewed and expires on the 1st January, 2013.

UPDATE: The band of operation has been varied to 472kHz to 479kHz on the 27th July, 2012 (the expiry date extended to 1st January, 2013).

It required a detailed technical submission (including results achieved under a previous Scientific Assigned Licence grant for 145.5kHz and 177.5kHz) as well as a large number of communications via telephone, and a significant licencing fee.

Renewal required presenting a detailed case for activities which satisfy the regulatory requirements of the Scientific Assigned Licence.

I am pleased to be able to extend my experiments on frequencies (~505kHz and now ~475kHz) which are near to the geometric mean of the lowest available amateur radio band (136kHz) and the next amateur radio band (1850kHz).

NOTE: This is NOT an amateur radio licence. The conditions of operation are strictly according to the text contained on the AX2NMR apparatus licence as well as the general Scientific Licence Determination.

Purpose and Aims of the AX2NMR Licence

The use of frequencies around 500kHz has a long history - in particular for maritime use.

My principal interests lie with low-power, short-range, reliable ground-wave operation using narrowband digital techniques and minimal antennas.

While much effort has been done to maximise range using relatively high power, large antennas, extensive ground systems and skywave propagation, the approach I am seeking to take is essentially the inverse of that.

In summary, the investigations I seek to undertake start with a QRP power level (< 10W), small antennas (< 10 metres in extent), simple ground systems and groundwave propagation. Skywave propagation is of limited interest in these investigations.

In terms of communications, the main interest in towards one-to-many communication with static or semi-static information conveyed.

The interest in small antennas and the absence of ground systems is directed towards portable operation in environments with minimal support structures.