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Firstly - let me state categorically that I am not interested in 'grid-lines', 'force fields', 'energy grids', 'secret government projects' or 'alien visitations'. I am, however, interested in science.

If you have come here for reasons other than interest in conventional science then you will be very disappointed.

Instead you will find here conventional techniques and ideas associated with the large electric currents that flow through the Earth's crust.

In particular - while performing some experiments related to other areas of interest (ULF, ELF and VLF) using two groups of three earth electrodes, I came across something that intrigued me. I found, in addition to signals at those frequencies (ULF, ELF and VLF) , a slow-varying voltage between the electrodes of a much longer period.

These pages largely deal with that slow-varying voltage found to exist between the electrodes.

Basic Principles

Apparently there are large telluric (from Latin tellus, "earth") currents induced in the Earth's crust by the Earth's magnetic field. These vary in magnitude but are in the order of 100's to 1000's of amps.

Local variations in the conductivity of the Earth's crust affect the density of these currents as they while follow the path of least resistance. This effect can be used to detect the presence of low-conductivity ore bodies beneath the crust in geological surveys.

There exists a nominal steady-state telluric current called the Sq (sun quiet) current. The above map shows a snapshot of this in May 2005. The red line is the orientation of the earth electrode pair used here for measurements and experiments (orientation only - not to scale !!!).

Along with the currents induced in the Earth's crust, any man-made conducting objects on or beneath the Earth's surface will also have large currents induced in them. This can cause power grid systems to trip from the overload.

High sun activity can buffet the Earth's magnetic field which in turn can cause fluctuations in the induced currents increasing the likelihood of such interruptions.

Disturbances to the Earth's magnetic field can cause an oscillatory effect whose frequency range is constrained by the dimension of and the propagation speed through the ionospheric plasma field.

These oscillations are categorised from Pc-1 through Pc-5 in terms of increasing period. The longest period Pc-5 oscillations (from periods from about 14 minutes to 20 minutes) are thought to be directly driven by solar wind oscillations as the there is some correlation between the wave packets in the solar wind and the Pc-5 wave packet structure. Additionally, these longer period oscillations are too long to be governed entirely by magnetospheric cavity/waveguide effects.